About Us

The Scottish Wood Shop at Moyne Sawmill, located in Neilston, just outside Glasgow, customers can come into our sawmill in person or our timber products can be purchased online, by telephone or in person and be delivered directly to your door anywhere in the UK.

We take pride in bringing in trees destined for firewood and turning them into characterful pieces of beautiful timber, furniture such as dining tables with or without natural edges made from Scottish hardwoods are truly one of a kind, with some of the most stunning grain, due to the Scottish weather the short growing seasons, windy weather both create distinct characteristics in timber.

Our extensive stock is suitable for all types of customers, from DIY timber through to kiln dried elm, yew, burr elm, beech, pippy oak, quarter sawn oak, sycamore and chestnut. Scottish hardwoods, British hardwoods

We also hand make furniture, natural edged mirrors, rustic mirrors, wooden framed mirrors, oak mantles, oak beams, oak fire surrounds, and every type of wood and wooden products imaginable.